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McGowanPRO is a national agency that specializes in procuring Professional Liability Insurance. On average, each of our executives and producers have over 15 years of experience in the professional liability industry.

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Why should you tell your clients about Fiduciary Insurance?

Fiduciary Insurance┬áis designed to protect Plan Sponsors against allegations of breach of their fiduciary duty. Fiduciary Insurance is “first party” insurance, which means it is purchased by the named fiduciary, or Plan Sponsor, of a company ERISA plan.

Investment Advisors, Third Party Administrators, and other financial professionals are “third parties” to the ERISA plan, and fiduciary coverage for third parties would be part of their Errors & Omissions policies.

So, why should Investment Advisors and other financial professionals be concerned with informing their clients about Fiduciary Insurance?

Demonstrate your Knowledge and added Value

By providing your clients with this beneficial information, you demonstrate your knowledge and added value. The education you provide beyond your standard services demonstrates your interest in their success.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a “fiduciary” to your clients, it is your responsibility to look out for their best interest. If you have knowledge of an insurance product that can personally protect the fiduciaries of an ERISA plan it would be prudent to inform them of the availability of that product.

Risk Management

In today’s litigious society it’s a fact that you don’t have to do something wrong in order to be sued. If your client has an insurance policy in place that can protect them for allegations of a breach of fiduciary duty, then they may be less likely to pursue litigation against others to find coverage. In addition, for their “first party” insurance to subrogate against you, they would be required to prove actual negligence which is a higher legal standard.

How to inform your clients

McGowanPRO has created a “Fiduciary Acknowledgement” Form which you can use to inform your clients about fiduciary insurance. It is intended to be a general overview of the insurance coverage, provide them direction where they can learn more, and be a record of your notification to them.

Download the Fiduciary Acknowledgement form here.