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Professional Liability Insurance Articles

Risk Management


Reporting of Potential Claims: Understanding Your Policy
The question is often raised, what constitutes a "reportable incident" to my insurance carrier? To answer this one should review the specific language in your professional liability (aka. errors & omissions) policy.  

5 Considerations when Referring Clients to another Professional
Referrals can expand your liabilities in areas that you may not be aware. Your liability typically does not end once you have made the referral to another professional. Here are five things to consider when referring your client to another professional. 

What is the difference between "admitted" and "non-admitted" insurance?
It can be confusing to a client when they are informed that their insurance coverage is offered on a non-admitted (aka Excess & Surplus) basis. The initial reaction may be that a policy that is non-admitted is inferior to an admitted policy. This is not true, and as with all insurance, the policy should be judged on the actual policy wording, as well as, the financial strength of the insurance carrier. 

General Release of Claims
Unfortunately there are scenarios that may arise where your client, and you, do not see eye to eye. Just one example of this may be a client who has not paid for services. Of course you are not in business to provide services for free, but you understand that filing a suit for fees commonly leads to allegations of professional liability. In this scenario, negotiating a reduction of fees may be in your best interest. In return for reducing your fees it is wise to require the client to sign a general release. 

Top 10 Causes of Malpractice, and Ways to Avoid Them
George Rockas, Managing Partner of Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker LLP, takes time to identify the most frequent causes of malpractice claims and some practical advise on how to avoid them. 

Suits for Fees and ways to avoid them
Proactively taking steps to reduce the potential for unpaid fees is your best defense to avoiding potential suit for fees. There are three basic billing practices which, when implemented regularly and effectively, can dramatically reduce the number of collection problems your office will face. 

Insurance Glossary
Common insurance terms and definitions 


White Papers


State Security Breach Laws - Summary by State
At least 46 states have enacted data breach notification laws.  McGowanPRO summarizes the essential information for each state including; definition of "personal information", notification requirements, penalties, and links to full statutes and laws.

Risk Management Assessment | When Terminating a Client is Prudent Business Practice
This White Paper is designed to review the potential reasons for firing a client, and specifically, why it is critical to conduct regular Risk Management Assessments (RMA) of your clients in a pro-active effort to avoid costly liability claims.

Information Security & Cyber Liability: Essential Steps to Protecting your Firm
These days, it is almost impossible to be in business and not collect or hold personally identifying information (PII) about your customers, employees, or business partners. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it could put these individuals at risk for identity theft. More than 9 million Americans have identities stolen each year, and the impact to your business from a data breach could be significant.