Inside McGowanPRO

At McGowanPRO we work hard for our success, but recognize that we are blessed with great opportunity and wonderful clients. It would be foolish for us to not be grateful and therefore, we look for opportunities where we can give back.

In addition, we enjoy what we do and work hard to maintain a culture of freedom, flexibility, and fun.

McGowanPRO & The United Way
- December is a month filled with gift giving holidays. Unfortunately, there are many families who do not have the income for such extras. Through The United Way, McGowanPRO "adopts" 20 local families every December. We are provided with lists of these families wishes, and each of us divide the responsibilities to shop for their holiday presents. Our biggest challenge (and joy) is trying to find vehicles large enough to deliver our gifts to the local United Way office.

McGowanPRO Supports the Troops
- One of our local (Framingham, MA) soldiers is currently based with the 3rd Platoon, Delta Company in Afghanistan. In December, we sent 20 boxes of candy, food, books, magazines, and videos for him to share with his platoon. The response of gratitude we received was overwhelming, so we sent another "care package" for Memorial Day and will continue to do so every couple months until they come home.

McGowanPRO is a proud supporter of the Amazing Things Arts Center
- It's not always just providing for those in need. We believe that music and art bring important culture to our community and are strong supporters of our local non-profit art center. We print their monthly flyers, and special announcements, we advertise in their magazine, we provide an annual financial donation, and we even play an Open Mic now and then.

Community Outreach & Service


McGowanPRO's Annual Super Bowl Food Drive - Every year at the tail end of football season, McGowanPRO has a big Super Bowl party. We have food and drinks. We play games. We have fun. But, most importantly we all bring large amounts of non-perishable foods and household items that we deliver to the Natick Food Pantry.

And More...
Outside of the office our employees generously give locally and globally including:
- Annual work with Habitat for Humanity
- Church missions trip to Guatemala, Haiti, and Tennessee
- Seek the Peak - hike for Mt Washington Observatory

Our Culture Statement

culture statement

Our Culture Statement reflects the internal state of mind of McGowanPRO.

Our approach is one of integrity, a passion for what we do, a true team effort, and an environment of openness. We believe that these qualities are vital to our continued success and hold them in the highest regard.

Every representative of McGowanPRO is expected to:

Act with Integrity
Represent our company in an honest and trustworthy manner to build and establish strong relationships with our clients, consultants, business partners and the community.

Be Grateful for our Clients
Our clients are the sole reason for our success, and we are truly grateful for each and every one of them.

Be Humble
Recognize there are a number of outside factors that contribute to our success.

Have Fun
If you enjoy what you do (and we do) it's hard to consider it work.

Be Yourself
We do not operate with scripts. Everyone is an individual and is encouraged to be.

Commitment to Self Improvement
Always work to improve your industry knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

Commitment to our Community
We are blessed with success and we want to give back to our community in as many ways as we can.

Be an Evangelist / Advocate / Missionary for our brand
Every employee has a sense of ownership in McGowanPRO, and recognizes that everything we do represents our brand. We are proud of our company and want to spread the word.