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McGowanPRO is the leading independent agency specializing in Accountants Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions)

McGowanPRO represents the leading Accountants Professional Liability Insurance carriers and has long-standing, direct relationships with their underwriters. We can provide you with quotes from multiple insurance professional liability insurance carriers, so you can make an informed decision on the best options for your firm.

Why consider McGowanPRO for your Errors & Omissions Insurance?

McGowanPRO is committed to:

providing you with a better buying experience for your Professional Insurance by:

Providing Choice
Providing Education & Resources
Providing Experience & Expertise
Providing Quality Service

Backed by a track record of success and national recognition.


In addition to your professional liability (errors & omissions) insurance, education is the foundation of a strong Risk Management strategy.

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Applications / Forms

Accountants E&O Applications & Forms
Accountants E&O Applications & Forms
Applications, Forms & Highlights by Insurance Carrier.
Employee Dishonesty Applications & Forms
Employee Dishonesty Applications & Forms
The increasing trend in workplace fraud and the relatively low cost of these policies, makes Employee Dishonesty Insurance a coverage that we recommend highly to each of our clients.
Process for Reporting a Potential Claim
Process for Reporting a Potential Claim
When a claim, or subpoena, does arise it is important to report it correctly to your carrier to ensure the appropriate response and coverage.
White Paper: Responding to Subpoenas
White Paper: Responding to Subpoenas
This White Paper provides a framework in understanding and responding to subpoenas and summonses.

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engagement letters

Engagement Letters

Engagement Letters provide you with essential protective wording for your practice. In addition, they allow you the opportunity to market additional services and ultimately create a stronger relationship with your clients.

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CPA ProSecure clients can learn more about the program including contact information for the CPA ProSecure Hotline, and their Risk Management Services.