Accountants Professional Liability Applications

McGowanPRO makes our best effort to have all of our Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Applications available here in electronic format.

If you do not see an application or form you need please contact us.

All applications may be faxed to our office at 508-656-1399, or emailed directly to your McGowanPRO representative.

Accountants Professional Liability - Applications / Forms


CPAOnePro Application
CPAOnePro Supplemental Application


CPA ProSecure

CPA ProSecure Application
CPA ProSecure Increased Limits Application
CPA ProSecure Trustee Supplement
CPA ProSecure SEC Supplement
CPA ProSecure Personal Financial Planning Supplement
CPA ProSecure Merger Acquisition Supplement
CPA ProSecure Legal Services Supplement
CPA ProSecure Financial Services Supplement
CPA ProSecure Business Valuation Supplement
CPA ProSecure Cyber and Data Supplement
CPA ProSecure Claim Supplement


Hanover Insurance Company

Hanover New Business Application
Hanover Financial Institution Supplement
Hanover Claim / Incident Supplement
Hanover Elder Care Services Supplement
Hanover Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services Supplement
Hanover Information Technology Supplement
Hanover Outside Interest Supplement
Hanover Trustee & Estate Supplement
Hanover Non-Public Audit Client Supplement
Hanover Separate Entity Supplement


CPA Protector Plan

CPA Protector Plan 99830 (09/15) Select Plan Application
CPA Protector Plan 99831 (09/15) Select Plan Renewal Application
CPA Protector Plan 99816 (01/14) Audit Client Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99817 (01/14) Financial Planning and Investment Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99818 (01/14) Trustee Estate Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99819 (01/14) Information Technology Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99820 (01/14) Financial Institutions Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99821 (01/14) Client Insolvency Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99822 (01/14) Fiduciary Services Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99823 (01/14) Separate Entity Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99824 (01/14) Outside Interest Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99825 (01/14) Claims Incident Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99826 (01/14) Employment Practices Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99827 (01/14) Nonprofit Directors Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99828 (01/14) Acquisitions, Mergers and Material Changes Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 99829 (01/14) Elder Care Services Supplement
CPA Protector Plan 113693 (01/14) Multiple or Shared Office Supplemental
CPA Protector Plan 113694 (01/14) Network Security and Privacy Protection Supplemental
CPA Protector Plan 113695 (01/14) Securities Services Supplemental
CPA Protector Plan 113696 (01/14) Valuations Supplemental


The Travelers Insurance Company

AM Best Rating: A+

Travelers 1st Choice Application
Travelers 1st Choice Bridge Application
Travelers 1st Choice Renewal Application
Travelers 1st Choice Specimen Policy
Travelers 1st Choice Audit Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Claim Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Discretionary Authority Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Financial Planning Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Financial Institution Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Office Sharing Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Outside Interest Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice SEC Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Separate Entity Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Technology Supplement
Travelers 1st Choice Trustee Supplement